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Faculty and Staff
All of our elementary school teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and are state certified. Curriculum is dictated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


Michael Picard

Mrs. Nancy Matteo
B.A. in Spanish from
Holy Family College;
M.S. in Educational Administration from Gwynedd-Mercy College

Dean of Students
Mr. Rick Rosenblatt
B.S. in Technical Education
from Trenton State College;  Masters of Education/Guidance from Trenton State College;
Masters of Administration from Trenton State College

Parochial Vicar
Father Eugene Wilson

Parochial Vicar
Father Jason Buck
Mrs. Jennifer McDonald
B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Dayton

Religious Education Director
Ms. Cathryn DeRico
B.A. from Marist College

Human Resources
Ms. Colleen Carroll
B.A. in Marketing/Management from Holy Family College

Preschool Teachers

3's Green
Mrs. Jennifer Fife
B.A. in Elementary Education from Holy Family College    

4’s Yellow
Mrs. Jeanne Duffner
B.S. in Education from Saint John's University
M.S. in Education from Cabrini College

4's  Orange
Mrs. Jan Adden
B.A. in Psychology /Education from Barat College Certification

4's red
Mrs. Nan DeGraw
B.S. in Elementary Education,
from Cabrini College

Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten KF1
Mrs. Cindy Sullivan
B.A. in Elementary Education /Special Education from
Holy Family College;
M.Ed. from Holy Family College

Kindergarten KF2
Mrs. Marigrayce Malboeuf
B.S. in Business from Marymount College;
M.S. in Elementary Education from Long Island University

Kindergarten KF3
Mrs. Patricia Price
B.S. in Elementary Education from Trenton State College

First Grade Teachers

Grade 1A
Mrs. Kathy Hoffman
B.S. in Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s University

Grade 1B
Mrs. Virginia Hill
B.S. in Elementary Education from Ohio State University

Grade 1C
Mrs. Mary Ellen Brown
B.A. in Psychology from Bucknell University with certification in secondary education
M.Ed. from Holy Family University with certification in elementary education

Grade 1D
Miss Nicole Pontious
B.S. Elementary Education
Cabrini Radnor, PA
Second Grade Teachers

Grade 2A
Mrs. Michelle Wold
B.A. in Elementary Education from
Boston College;
M.Ed. in Reading Education from Boston College

Grade 2B
Mrs. Donna Stickley
A.S. in Computer Management from Pierce College;
B.A. in Elementary Education from Holy Family College

Grade 2C
Mrs. Susan Juhas
B.A. in Elementary Education from
Holy Family College

Third Grade Teachers

Grade 3A
Mrs. Valerie DeMonte
B.A. in Elementary Education from Glassboro State College

Grade 3B
Mrs. Kathy Kebler
B.S. in Elementary Education from St. Bernard College

Grade 3C
Miss Margaret Whelan
B.S. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from Millersville University

Fourth Grade Teachers

Grade 4A
Mrs. Becky Eliason
B.S. in Elementary Education from Temple University

Grade 4B
Mrs. Susan Pentz
B.A. in Elementary Education from Holy Family College

Grade 4C
Mrs. Joan Kelley
B.S. in Elementary Education from Indiana University of PA

Fifth Grade Teachers

Grade 5A
Mrs. Barbara Moffett
B.A. in Elementary Education from Arcadia University;
M.Ed. from Arcadia University

Grade 5B
Mrs. Rachel Hoffman
B.S. in Elementary Education from West Chester University;
M.S. in Reading/Literature
from Walden University

Grade 5C

Mr. George Caucci
B.A. in Music/Voice,
from Stetson University;

M.M. in Voice from
Universtity of Arizona;
M.A. in Elementary Education, from
Trenton State College

Sixth Grade Teachers

Grade 6A
Mrs. Nadine Plomchok
B.S. in Early Childhood & Elementary Education
from Temple University


Grade 6B
Miss Amanda Bilello
B.A. in Elementary Education from East Stroudsburg University

Grade 6C
Mrs. Emily DeLaurentis
B.S. in Biology/Secondary Education from Chestnut Hill College


Seventh Grade Teachers

Grade 7A
Mrs. Roanne Lukens
B.A. in Philosophy from The Pennsylvania State University

Grade 7B
Mrs. Julie Ann Spurri
B.A. in Elementary Education from Holy Family University
Certified Special Education,
Holy Family University
Certified Middle School Science, Holy Family University


Grade 7C
Mrs. Chris Schuman
M.A. in Secondary Education with English Certification, LaSalle University;
B.S. in Health Studies, Temple University


Grade 7D
Mrs. Joanie Koch
B.A. in Elementary Education &
B.A. in History from University of Houston

Eighth Grade Teachers

Grade 8A
Mrs. Jessica Wagner
M.S. in Education, Albright College
B.A. in English, Albright College

Grade 8B
Ms. Denise Basile
M.Ed. in Elementary Education, Chestnut Hill College;
B.A. in Social Studies/Secondary Education, Holy Family University

Grade 8C
Mr. Richard Matteo
B.A. in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University

Special Subject Teachers & Aides

Honors Math
Mrs. Genevieve Thiers
B.A. in English from
St. Joseph’s University
M.A. in Theatre Arts
from Rutgers University

Miss Emily Buck
B.A. in Political Science
Minor in studio art
from James Madison University


Mr. Brian Neukum
B.S. in Music Education
from West Chester
M.A. in
Music Education from University of North Texas

Miss Ashley Sassaman
B.S. in Music Education
from West Chester

Physical Education
Mrs. Cara Herzog
B.A. in Elementary Education from St. Joseph’s University


Mrs. Gaby Begley
J.D. from St. Marcus University-Lima-Peru
Teaching Preparation Graduate Level-Rider University teaching Foreign-Language-Spanish

Pre K & K Specials/
TLC 4 Me

Mrs. Pat Finegan
B.A. in Elementary Education from Holy Family College

Computer Technology
Mrs. Helena Busby
B.A. in Corporate Communications from Arcadia University
M.A. from Chestnut Hill College

Mrs. Kathleen Benson
B.S. in Elementary Education from Gwynedd-Mercy College

Library Aide
Mrs. Kathleen Kajmo         

Pre-School Aid
Green Room

Mrs. Joan Forgione

Aide Red Room

Mrs. Trish King


Pre-School AidE
Yellow Room

Mrs. Peggy Millevoi



Pre-School AidE
Orange Room

Mrs. Janice Kropp



PreSchool Staff
Mrs. Barbara Wagner

C.A.R.E.S. Director

Mrs. Mary Washeleski

IT Specialist
Mr. Chris Gwynn

School Staff
Mrs. Denise Cronk

School Staff
Mrs. Kathleen Bowdren

School Staff
Mrs. Anne Papay

School Staff
Mrs. Alyce McGowan
School Staff
Mrs. Judy Weaver

School Staff
Mrs. Deborah Rachuba

Mrs. Helen Robertson

Mrs. Marie Shepherd
Mrs. Heather Davis
Mrs. Lottie Spinelli





Ms. Toni Wenger
Mrs. Susan Reilly
Mr. Joseph Spinelli
Maintenance Staff
Mr. Jeffrey Gwynn
Maintenance Staff
Mr. Stan Suberski
Maintenance Staff
Mr. Miguel Hernandez
Auxiliary Staff


Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Nicole Martin
B.S. in Behavioral Science from York College
M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Holy Family University
Licensed Perfessional Counselor

SpeEch Therapist
Mrs. Kathleen Pfeiffer
B.S. in Speech Correction from the College of New Jersey
M.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the College of New Jersey
Certified and Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as a Speech and Language Pathologist

Hearing Therapist
Mrs. Ann White
B.S./M.S. Communication Disorders: Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
from The Pennsylvania State University
Elementary Education Certification from Gwynedd Mercy College

Mr. Dick Miller
B.A. in Psychology
from Muhlenberg College
M.S and Specialist in Psychology from University of Rhode Island;
M.S. in Information Technologies from
Drexel University;
NCSP Certification by the
National Association
of School Psychologists

Title I Reading
Mrs. Joanne Stoka
B.S. in Early Childhood/ Elementary Education
from Edinboro University
M. Ed. from Edinboro University;
Reading Specialist Degree
from Edinboro University

Mrs. Sarah Barfoot

Mrs. Christine Sanchez


Saint Andrew Catholic Education Center, 51 Wrights Road, Newtown, PA 18940 ~ 215-968-2685