Technology Donation Program

Do you have old devices collecting dust around your house?   We are looking to have more technology for our lower school (Pre-k-4th grade).   We would like to use iPADS primarily for Pre-K and K. These educational apps will help supplement and engage the students in ELA and Math.  We would like to come up with an entire class set.  We are requesting if you have any used iPADS, such as version 2 on up to the current version, please donate them to our school.  Please make sure these are functioning devices and that they are reset back to factory settings.  Secondly, we are also asking for any used and functioning Chromebooks to be donated for grades 1-4.
For our library, we are also requesting if you have any functioning Kindles and/or Nooks you could donate for the students to read books.  Please drop all devices to the front office of the school at 51 Wrights Rd. between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm Monday through Friday.  These will be accepted throughout the summer as well.  If you have any questions please contact or 215-968-2685 X 232.  We appreciate all of your donations!