I Can’t Wait To…

  • Make new friends
  • lead with confidence
  • plan an adventure

You know that feeling when you just can’t wait?
At Girls Scouts, each day is a new adventure.
With friends at your side, you’ll decide what you want to do: build a robot, design your own fashions, plant a garden, go on trips, or maybe even spend the night in a museum.
Let’s get started today!
New to Girl Scouts of looking or  a troop?

Please complete this form and return to the school or email the required information to  Suzy Sebastian, Saint Andrew School Coordinator dolljump6@hotmail.com
For additional information or questions about Girl Scouting in your area, please contact: Suzy at dolljump6@hotmail.com or call (517)712-4708

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There are lots of ways that Girl Scouts can fit into your family’s busy schedule.
Financial  assistance is available so that girls can join the fun.