Goodbye and Welcome!

Mrs. DeLaurentis and Ms. Wold have retired.  Miss Giannascoli and Mr. Andris are working in other schools. We wish them well.

We welcome Miss Victoria Evans to third grade.  Miss Evans was a student teacher at Saint Andrew Catholic School last year.  She’s a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University.

Mrs. Stephanie Alessi joins us in fourth grade after having taught many years at Our Lady of Grace School in Pendel.  She’s a graduate of Rider University.

Mrs. Tracy Boedewig is teaching full-time in sixth grade.  Mrs. Boedewig will teach sixth, seventh and eighth grade math and sixth grade science.  She taught science for many years at St. Hubert’s High School in Philadelphia.  We were delighted when she served as a long-term substitute for the past two years in seventh and eighth grades.

Miss Jane McBride, who taught second grade last year, is now teaching first grade.  She didn’t even have to change classrooms. 

Mrs. MaryEllen McGinley is serving as a long-term substitute in third grade while Mrs. Hall is on family leave.  Mrs. McGinley taught for many years at MAST Charter School.

Miss Rebecca McDonald is our new Learning Support Coordinator.  Rebecca is a graduate of the University of Dayton, Villa Joseph Marie and Saint Andrew Catholic School.  We are delighted to welcome her back to her alma mater.

You may have noticed some changes around the school.  This summer, we had a new sign installed at the main entrance to the school.  It coordinates very well with our new light post flags.  We also have new Chrome Books and carts for sixth grade.  All of these very welcome additions are from our Home and School Association.  We are thrilled with their thoughtfulness and generosity.

The eighth grade classrooms had lockers installed over the summer.  We are piloting the lockers to see if they are worthwhile to consider for sixth and seventh grades for subsequent years.  The lockers do not have locks on them.  The students may personalize them only with magnets.  The lockers help free up valuable desk space.  When students change classes, they have so many books and their iPads or Chrome Books.  There’s simply not enough space to work.  The eighth graders keep their books in the lockers in their homerooms.  Their desks are completely empty, so that when they change classes, the students who use their desks can put all of their books and supplies in the empty desks.

The faculty is using an updated version of RenWeb.  RenWeb 2.0 is only being used by the faculty right now.  Please be patient as we adjust.

Accelerated Reader has been added to our curriculum.  Our goal is to phase this new technology into teaching and learning throughout the school year.  We are most grateful to an anonymous benefactor who purchased this for our school.