One-To-One Tutoring Available by our Teachers

Last year Saint Andrew School began offering tutoring by our teachers after school.  It was quite popular; our teachers and students thrived!  We are offering this service again this year.  Listed below are the tutoring procedures and the names of teachers who are available to tutor.  If you are interested, please contact the teacher directly.            
Tutoring may be conducted every afternoon, from 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Limited to one-to-one tutoring only, tutoring sessions are one hour each and costs $40.00 per hour.  Parents may pay tutors in cash or by check made out to the tutor.  Teachers may not tutor a student in their own grade level or a student whom they teach.  Specials teachers may tutor any grade level.  All tutored students and their parents, who are not using CARES, must use the front entrance of the school only, NOT the cafeteria entrance.

  • Mrs. Stephanie Alessi
  • Ms. Amanda Bilello
  • Mrs. Nicole Duffner
  • Ms. Victoria Evans
  • Mrs. Celeste Felker
  • Mrs. Joan Kelley
  • Mrs. Joanie Koch
  • Ms. Colleen Larkin
  • Ms. Mary Jane McBride
  • Mrs. Julie Spurri
  • Mrs. Gen Thiers
  • Mrs. Jessica Wagner