Saint Andrew Catholic School Accreditation

Saint Andrew Catholic School is piloting a new accreditation agency for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  We formerly used Middle States for accreditation.  Having become disenchanted with the former organization, a new solution was sought.  AdvancED is our new accrediting institution.  Their methods are more streamlined, quantitative and qualitative.  AdvancED is the largest accrediting agency in the world.  Mrs. Matteo, Mrs. Malboeuf and Mrs. Hoffman have already been on team visits for schools that are seeking to be accredited.

All stakeholders will be informed of our progress in our quest for improvement.  Parents, students and teachers will be required to fill out surveys.  We will compose our strategic plan from the results of those surveys.  AdvancED entails a dynamic, ongoing process.  It is not a one and done sort of strategy.  Our strategic plan will be fluid and worked on continuously, not put on a shelf to be revisited occasionally.

The leadership team is delighted and humbled that the Archdiocese has put their confidence in our school.  We will be working diligently to improve our already wonderful learning environment.  The teachers, staff and administration are eager to take on the challenge!