Smile! It’s Picture Day!

Picture Day     
Picture Day will take place on Monday, October 16, 2017.

  • PreK - 8th  Monday, October 16 
  • PreK Tuesday class: October 17

To Buy Photo Packages Online

  1. Go to Tipping School Pictures
  2. Enter your School Code
    1. Preschool through 7th Grade use code:  TSP2017A
    2. 8th Grade ONLY use code: GRAD18A
  3. Select Your Background and write down the number, you enter it later.
  4. Select Your Package
  5. Enter your child's name below the package
  6. Click Checkout in the upper right hand corner
  7. Enter Required Student Information on left hand side of page
  8. Enter Background and click Add to cart
  9. Click Confirm
  10. View Details entered above
  11. Click Checkout
  12. Enter Contact Information
  13. Click Proceed to Payment information
  14. Enter Billing information
  15. Enter Credit Card Information
  16. Click Pay for your Order

Things to Remember

  • Children will wear WINTER school uniforms.
  • Eighth graders wear full winter uniform; eighth graders will be photographed in graduation robes with a library background.
  • Regulations concerning hairstyle, make-up and jewelry are to be honored. 
  • Each child needs to present his/her envelope to the photographer on picture day.  Envelopes will be distributed to classrooms. 
  • Please note that each child must have his/her own envelope on picture day. 
  • DO NOT COMBINE orders. 
  • If you have more than one child who is having a picture taken, a separate envelope and check have to be made out for each of them. 


  • If your child does not have an envelope, he/she will have the opportunity to have a picture taken on re-take day.