Thank You!!!

Magazine Drive 2017

Thank You!!!

The Magazine Drive Committee wishes to extend a sincere thank you to all students, parents, faculty members, and staff for their support during the 2017 Magazine Drive.  With your generosity, this year’s sale was a success!  Thank you!
Also, thank you to the mothers who generously gave their time to this huge endeavor.  Without their help, the orders would not have been tallied so quickly, and the prizes would not have been distributed to the children within a few hours on each collection day.  

Many thanks to:

  • Mrs. Karen Becker
  • Mrs. Saramarie Bittman
  • Mrs. Christa Brandon
  • Mrs. Alice Braun
  • Mrs. Heather Davis
  • Mrs. Tara Destribats
  • Mrs. Julia Donahue
  • Mrs. Kim Dever
  • Mrs. Veronica Eiben
  • Mrs. Krista Gambel
  • Mrs. Erica Heine
  • Mrs. Alyse Johnson
  • Mrs. JoAnne Kanuk
  • Mrs. Suzanne Kelly
  • Mrs. Maria Kinney
  • Mrs. Jane Landes
  • Mrs. Ellen Lawall
  • Mrs. Colleen Leichner
  • Mrs. Doreen McKenna
  • Mrs. Nicole Muller
  • Mrs. Angela Nace
  • Mrs. Maria Neels
  • Mrs. Melissa Nier
  • Mrs. MaryBeth Palestini
  • Mrs. Kristen Sabo
  • Mrs. Lori Schlosser
  • Mrs. Lisa Zaglin

A Gigantic Thank You
The administration, faculty and staff would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Eileen Capecci for organizing the magazine drive.  She conducted this fundraiser with poise, patience and grace.  Thank you so much.  Your support means so much to us!