AM Drop off

 When your child is a car rider in the morning, as you pull into the parking lot, you must turn left.  

There will be several cones to prohibit drivers from going straight.  As you pull into a parking space, please drive up past the center island. (The parking spaces along the curbs are reserved for faculty and staff.) If there is an empty space in front of your vehicle, please pull into that space.  This will leave a vacant space behind you for additional car riders.  

Parents must escort their child(ren) to the center island where an administrator will greet you.  A teacher will then cross the children.  If no administrators or teachers are present, it is either before 7:50 AM or the students are late and must be escorted into the school by a parent who must sign a late slip.

A child is considered late if they are not in the building by 8:10 AM.