Join the Best Body Countdown!

2018 is YOUR year to be the BEST version of YOU!
Join the Best Body Countdown!
The Best Body Countdown is a guided 52-day journey of lifestyle change resulting in inner and outer strength and wellness.  It’s for anyone and everyone, not just those who need to lose significant weight.  Amy Marino, certified Health Coach, will lead a group of 20 participants on this journey. 
This is NOT an elimination “diet” or anything extreme.  The approach includes doable, small action steps that will teach participants how to lead to a new lifestyle long after the 8 weeks is over.
The Countdown includes self-assessment, accountability, sugar intake reduction (with support, delicious recipes, and water/beverage choices), balanced meal planning with an emphasis on vegetables, purposeful snacks, and a de-emphasis on processed food.  We will learn how to plan for strategic splurging, and “make-it-count” movement- exercise is always part of your best lifestyle!
What’s included?
For $150 (approximately $19/week)

  • Two books (workbook with daily checklists AND recipe book)
  • Group support provided including a private Facebook group, Don’t Quit Chats every other week, daily emails to keep you on track, and weekly or biweekly (depending on individual needs) private one on one time with Amy
  • A water infuser to make sure you hit your daily water intake requirements
  • A meal measure (for portion control)

Registration opens 12/6
Countdown begins 1/16

If interested or if you have any additional or specific questions, please email Amy Marino at