Good News

Steven Henry, Chief of Police Bristol Borough
I just wanted to share some good news about my son Ryan and daughter Shea. During the spring break the two of them along with their mother Melanie wanted to somehow “help” during these trying times. When I returned from work each day they would hear my tales of how the less fortunate were being so drastically affected by this crisis. Knowing that there was a food bank in Bristol Borough, the three of them organized a food drive in our development known as Mirror Lakes in Lower Makefield Township. Shea, with the help of Olivia Kelly (St Andrews) made up flyers. The fliers were put on over 100 mailboxes and an email blast was put out. The support was overwhelming. On collection day the three of them went out into the neighborhood and found an overwhelming response. During their pick-ups ,there was a steady stream of neighbors dropping off packages in our driveway. Our fellow HGP neighborhood families, the Lucas’s and Brennan’s were very supportive. It took three large SUV’s to transport all the donations to the Bristol Borough Food Bank. According to the director of the food bank, Jeff Fisher, 1,017 lbs of food was collected and over $500. He sent us a text stating “this is one of the most impressive efforts that I have experienced and shows how we are stronger together!”