Friday News February 26, 2021

Dear St. Andrew Parents,

I hope you all had a great week! Well, we had another weather day this week. I hope it is the last. Early Dismissals are less than ideal, and this was unique in that some districts decided to call for the dismissal in the worst of the storm. For those that picked up, thank you for waiting until 1:00 as that really helped us have organization and maintain safety for our students and employees. We did run into issues with students texting home and asking to go home. Normally, this is not as big an issue as older students that have a phone do not have access to it in their locker, but right now lockers are not being used. The typical line our students share is “everyone else is leaving.” Generally, this is not true until those kids reach home and start leaving and then the domino effect takes place and makes continued instruction almost impossible. About a ¼ of our students left on the early busses and another ¼ were picked up early. However, in our upper grades the rate was much higher. As a parent, it is always your right to pick up your child and you know your roads, driveway, schedule, and comfort level best. I just ask that if we have any future early dismissals such as this that you do not pick up your child because they text you “everyone else is.” Thank you for your understanding.

Although we pray that we never have to go into a lockdown in the school, I wanted to let you know that next week our classes will again review lockdown/intruder drill procedures with the students. They were reviewed in the fall, but we will be reviewing them again out of best practices. We just want to let you know in case they come home and talk about the drill.

In great news, our students collected almost 2,000 pairs of socks for the Joy of Sox, which will go to those in need. Special thanks to Jackson W for organizing the drive and keeping us up to date on our count!

CYO sports will open up for the first time in over a year with Intramural Track and Field which is open to 1st-8th grade members of St Andrew Parish. Similar to school, there will be a safety plan in place to help ensure the safety of our children and the coaching staff. If you are interested in participating, please register here.

Have a great weekend!

School Information

  • Mark your calendar: Terra Nova Testing will take place the week of March 15 for students in grades 2-7. 
  • Save the date for our first virtual auction on the weekend of May 14 – 16.  Admission is free.  Stay tuned for more information!
  • Use your PA taxes for Catholic Schools. See more below
  • Junior Achievement
    • Want to help inspire SAS students to succeed?  Consider being a virtual Junior Achievement volunteer.  Our volunteers love JA. So many of them come back every year!
      • “I love talking to the kids about how the decisions they make now in terms of activities and volunteering can start shaping their future careers.”  First year volunteer
      • “The kids’ enthusiasm for this program is contagious.  The 5 classes fly by!”  5- time JA volunteer
      • “I enjoy seeing my children and getting to know their teachers and classmates.” 7- time JA volunteer
    • Our Students love JA
      • “Teacher was really fun and learning about money and getting a magnet.” 1st grade student
      • “Learning the community, helping others and getting a pencil and magnet at the end.” 3rd grade student
      • “It teaches me about money, and I learn how businesses work.” 4th grade student
      • “I like learning about good ways to spend money!” 5th grade student
      • “I learn about financials and like that my mom can teach it, even though she isn’t a teacher!” 6th grade student
      • “It gives you a good view of the huge number of career opportunities available!” 8th grade student
      • “I like learning about making money.” 8th grade student
    • More Details here. Other questions or to volunteer?  Contact Maria Ruibal at
  • Registration and Tuition Information

High School Information

  • La Salle College High School Spring and Summer Offerings:
  • 6th and 7th Grade Practice Test (Saturday, April 17, 2021)
  • Morning at La Salle for Parents (March 3rd and March 23rd)
  • *Families can sign up using the following link,
  • LaSalle Summer Offerings
    • Pre 7th and Pre 8th Summer Enrichment for Boys and Girls
  • Session 1: June 21st – July 1st
  • Session 2: July 12th – July 22nd
  • Full 4 week
  • High School Placement Test Preparation including Themed Weeks: Photography, Public Speaking, Debate and Coding
  • Families can sign up for all summer offerings via this link,

Community Information and Summer Camps