Friday News March 5, 2021

Dear St. Andrew Parents,

I hope you all had a great week!

Last Friday, the State rescinded travel quarantine and testing restrictions that had been in place since December. Throughout this week, we have had conversations with the health department and OCE. Our discussions kept coming back to individual behaviors. If you are traveling in or out of state and are in large groups or not following safety protocols, we are asking that you quarantine for 10 days and/or provide negative COVID tests after you return to PA. We are happy to help you by setting up short-term cyber-learning. If your travel out of state is with your family, you are following safety protocols, and you will not be in large group settings, you may return to school following the new state guidelines without a test or quarantine. Our community has been very forthright and honest, and we are grateful that our families continue to consider everyone’s safety and just ask that you continue to do so as things seem to be improving.

Based on recent announcements from the State, we expect and are hopeful that our teachers and staff that were not part of 1A will be vaccinated soon (within March). We are still not sure if the appointments will be spread out or if our entire campus will be invited at once to a location. Either way, this will have some impact on instruction as we will either need more subs throughout a couple of weeks in the building or possibly close for a day on short notice. As we receive information on our vaccinations and its impact on our students, we will share it with you.

Thanks again for all of your support, and have a great weekend!

School Information

  • If you would like to change your learning environment for any reason, please complete this form. The form only needs to be completed if you wish to change, and it must be completed by Sunday, March 7.The moving of materials will take place after our half day on Friday, March 12. The next opportunity to move in or out will be at the middle of the third trimester (April 30).
  • Mark your calendar: Terra Nova Testing will take place the week of March 15 for students in grades 2-7.
  • Unfortunately, the Stock Market Club has been cancelled. Any money collected has been returned today or will be returned early next week. Sorry for any inconvenience. 
  • Save the date for our first virtual auction on the weekend of May 14 – 16.  Admission is free.  Stay tuned for more information!
  • Use your PA taxes for Catholic Schools. See more below
  • Junior Achievement
    • Want to help inspire SAS students to succeed?  Consider being a virtual Junior Achievement volunteer.  Our volunteers love JA. So many of them come back every year!
      • “I love talking to the kids about how the decisions they make now in terms of activities and volunteering can start shaping their future careers.”  First year volunteer
      • “The kids’ enthusiasm for this program is contagious.  The 5 classes fly by!”  5- time JA volunteer
      • “I enjoy seeing my children and getting to know their teachers and classmates.” 7- time JA volunteer
    • Our Students love JA
      • “Teacher was really fun and learning about money and getting a magnet.” 1st grade student
      • “Learning the community, helping others and getting a pencil and magnet at the end.” 3rd grade student
      • “It teaches me about money, and I learn how businesses work.” 4th grade student
      • “I like learning about good ways to spend money!” 5th grade student
      • “I learn about financials and like that my mom can teach it, even though she isn’t a teacher!” 6th grade student
      • “It gives you a good view of the huge number of career opportunities available!” 8th grade student
      • “I like learning about making money.” 8th grade student
    • More Details here. Other questions or to volunteer?  Contact Maria Ruibal at
  • Home and School
  • Free Uniform Night (FUN)
    • 3/18/2021 in the gym 3:15-6:00pm
    • Flyer
  • Order Your Yearbooks Now!
    • Memories last a lifetime!
  • Yearbooks cost $35.00.
  • Orders must be placed by April 1, 2021.
  • Order online:
  • Eighth-grade students will receive one yearbook free of charge; no order necessary.
  • All Sales are final. No refunds.
  • School Lunch Order Information

High School Information

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