Friday News April 9, 2021

Dear St. Andrew Parents,

I hope you had a great week and were able to enjoy the weather.

Please check out the bulleted information below as there are quite a few new additions.

Although we have not seen a major uptick in positive Covid cases in the school, we are seeing a lot more household positives from parents and especially older siblings. As the weather improves, vaccines accelerate, and we all want to be around our loved ones, cases have risen slightly in our area. Please continue to monitor your children’s health and symptoms each day to make sure we are not sending children that have Covid symptoms to school. If they have symptoms, even if it is allergies, please consult your doctor. Testing is a lot more accessible, and results come back much quicker now.  In the above mentioned household positive cases, some certainly have come from unknown sources, but most continue to come from large gatherings and not following safety protocols. Please continue to be mindful of the type of gatherings you are attending and the safety protocols in place.

Thanks again for all of your support, and have a great weekend!

School Information

  • Saint Andrew Home and School General Meeting this Spring will be April 22, and will cover the topic of Quality Time – Enriching Family Bonds.
    • Flyer for More Information
    • Free, Interactive, and Available to watch from your home on Zoom as long as you register.
    • All families who attend will receive a Friday dress down day pass for each child.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!
    • Matteo…”I was invited to attend a wonderful workshop through Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Buckingham.  I was completely ‘blown away’ by the presenters.  Their presentation was refreshing and inspirational.”
  • Spring Uniform Reminder
    • Students may wear Spring Uniforms now. If it is cold and they would like to wear the Winter Uniform, that is also acceptable.
  • Personnel Update
    • Honors Math/Technology
      • We are happy to announce Mrs. Thiers returned to SAS this week. As we finish the year, most school days will see Mrs. Thiers as our building sub. This is to ensure consistency and to prevent a third interruption to the students in Honors Math and Technology.
      • Next year we plan for Mrs. Thiers to return to Honors Math, Mrs. Donnard to return to Technology, and Mrs. Rieder to return to being the Building Sub. Thank you, and please join me in welcoming Mrs. Thiers back!
    • 1st Grade/Kindergarten for 21-22
      • Duffner will be returning to first grade and replacing Mrs. Bailey who will be leaving Saint Andrew to finally enjoy retirement with her family!
    • Screening Interviews
      • We have and will continue to have screening interviews for current and potential future openings, including growth positions.
      • We find some of our best candidates through word of mouth. If you know any Catholic, certified educators who may be looking for part time or full time teaching jobs, please feel free to send them our way. This includes recent college graduates.
    • Crusader Dash
      • The SAS Moms’ Booster Club has started planning for the 3rd annual Crusader Dash later this Spring! This event has been a huge success in the past in large part to the wonderful St. Andrew Community and our community partners who help sponsor the run. This year, we are using funds raised to help support the purchase of new computers for our teachers. If any SAS family or SAS family-owned businesses are interested in partnering with the Moms’ Booster Club to sponsor the 2021 Crusader Dash, please see the attached sponsorship form or contact
      • Spirit Wear Sale
        • We would like to thank all of those who supported the Moms’ Booster Club Spring Spirit Wear Sale. The funds earned in that sale will directly support our staff and students.
      • Soiree for St. A Flyer
        • A Free Socially Distant Auction – Put on by our President Mrs. Matteo and her amazing team!
          • 5/14-5/16
        • Many great items have already been donated. There’s something for everybody!
        • Proceeds will go to replacing the classroom interactive touch screen technology and to keeping tuition affordable.
        • Hope to bid with you!
      • Grades 6-8 Pathway Scholarship Information from the Danaher Lynch Family Foundation
      • 21-22 Saint Andrew Calendar – Final Draft
      • School Lunch Order Information

High School Information

Community Information and Summer Camps