Friday News September 10, 2021

Dear St. Andrew Parents,


I hope you all had a great week! It is so great to have the joy of our children back in the building. Special thanks to our teachers for all that they have done to get us through some of the first week hiccups and creating a nurturing learning environment.  While almost all was great, there are a few things, mostly logistical, we are still working to improve. Most of it has to do with arrival/dismissal and bussing communication. Please be sure to check those out below as there are a few changes, especially for our Preschool and Kindergarten families.


If you’re looking for a nice evening tonight be sure to stop by our movie night on our back lawn. Bring a blanket, chairs, snacks and enjoy the movie. There will be some concessions if you forget snacks! 


School Information

  • Car Rider Preschool and Kindergarten Arrival
    • If you have a Kindergartner and older siblings, please use the left lane and drop off in front of the school. 
    • If you have a preschooler and older siblings that you feel comfortable with walking their preschool sibling to class, please email me, and we will see where the best drop off spot may be. 
    • If you have a Kindergartner only and they are comfortable being dropped off out front, that will help. We can find an older student to walk them into the building and to their class. If they are not comfortable, please feel free to use the back drop off for now.
    • Most importantly, things will speed up as students, parents, and staff are used to getting out of the car and into the building.
  • Car Rider 1-3 Dismissal with no siblings in preschool.
    • Please use the left lane and the front entrance and will now be picked up out front. 
  • Car Rider Kindergarten with older siblings please email me and we will likely dismiss them in the front car lane.
  • Bus Issues – Late and last minute combinations
    • Most of our districts that provide our bussing are having some level of problems. We are communicating our needs and issues with the districts. Arriving 30 minutes early or late on a consistent basis is not acceptable. The districts all state that they are short drivers and then having issues with others calling in sick. They have combined routes or just delayed routes at the last minute or without us knowing. A big concern has been the lack of notice or in some cases no notice to Saint Andrew. Therefore, we have been unable to notify you. We also did not have our message system entirely accurate and missed one communication with CR merging two busses. This is not acceptable, and I apologize to those of you that had children late on CR 11 & 22. We worked through the procedures on our end and have a plan in place should these last minute calls continue to come in. We are pleading for them to give us notice, so we can send phone reminders as soon as we are aware. If we receive notice of late busses or the combining of busses, we will notify you as soon as we can via an automated phone call. l hope like last year this works itself out in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if a bus does not show or is late in the morning with no notice, please email Deb Rachuba at, so we can be sure to track and communicate with the district. 
    • For CR bussing, we have been told that the bus tracking is not currently available, but they do hope to have it back at some point. 
      • Unfortunately, when the App is up, if there are bus changes or combinations, it does not help. 
  • Welcome Video from Archbishop Perez
  • Home and School Events Year at a Glance 
  • Band/Orchestra
  • Prayer Family Information
    • Every day three different families are assigned, alphabetically, to pray in the chapel with Mrs. Matteo right after prayers and announcements.  The children are asked for whom they would like to say prayers.  Prayers of thanks and special intentions are solicited.  It is a special time with the Lord.  This year, each student will receive a booklet “Clare of Assisi The Anchored Soul” by Gloria Hutchinson.  This pamphlet was a gift from the Poor Clare Sisters.  Full of stories and prayers, please enjoy this special gift with your family.
  • Dress Code
    • Please make sure that your children have proper fitting uniforms. We are looking to improve and maintain consistency with our dress code.
      • Please check the length of the girls’ skorts. Skorts should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Skorts should never be rolled. 
      • Shirts must always be tucked. If the shirt is constantly untucked, a new shirt will be necessary. 
      • Boys in grades 2-8 must wear a belt. 
      • No sweatshirts should be on in the building except during the winter on the student’s assigned gym day. We have AC and heat now in every classroom to control the temperature. School uniform sweaters should be worn in the fall and spring if a student needs to warm up. 
      • Gym Day uniforms consist of Saint Andrew Gym Uniforms, Saint Andrew Spirit Sale Wear. SAS Spirit Day Shirts are acceptable. CYO shirts should not be worn.
      • Nail polish and make-up including eyeliner are not permitted. 
      • Jewelry is limited to one earring in each earlobe for females. One necklace with religious implications may be worn. 
  • Clearance Information
    • Please remember that to volunteer or to be on campus during the school day (excluding some class events) visitors and parents must have their clearances on file at Saint Andrew. Clearances also all must be up to date (none may be expired). 
    • Directions and links to gain your clearances
    • For help or questions, please email Kathleen Kajmo at
    • Please start this now so you are ready when the time comes! 
  • Back to School Nights 
    • Grades 6-8 is 9/14 @ 6:00PM
  • Ask it at Saint Andrew will be monitored during the summer if you have any questions. 
  • Shop with AmazonSmile to support Saint Andrew Catholic School! 
    • AmazonSmile is a donation program through the AmazonSmile Foundation. Each time you place an order on Amazon, Saint Andrew Catholic School will receive 0.5% of the purchase price of your order. Click here to view instructions on how to “turn on” Amazon Smile in your Amazon mobile app.
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