Friday News November 19, 2021

Dear St. Andrew Parents,

Hope you all are doing great. Some reminders about Thanksgiving are below, but the key is that we have school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Wednesday is a half day, and we start dismissal 3 hours earlier than we normally do. Thanks, and have a great Thanksgiving week!


School Information

  • Santa’s Secret Shop Is Back!
    • We’re thrilled to announce the return of a time-honored St. Andrew tradition. From December 6 through December 10, our Marian Room will be transformed into Santa’s Secret Shop, offering our children the opportunity to shop for their loved ones.
    • As always, we will need many elves to make this happen. 
    • We will need help setting up shop on Sunday, December 5. Parents with clearances are welcome, as are 7th and 8th graders in need of service hours.
    • We will need cashiers, gift wrappers and personal shoppers to assist our littlest shoppers on December 6 through December 10. Clearances are necessary!
    • Finally, we will need help cleaning up and boxing all extra merchandise for return.
    • Thank you for all that you do!
    • Secret Santa Shop Helpers Sign up Genius – If you have some time please sign up!
  • Christmas and Birthday Card Collection for Art Recycling Project Flyer
    • Old/Used Cards are fine
    • No Picture Cards
    • Send to Mrs. DeGraw
  • Do you have unwanted or extra Halloween candy?
    • We are collecting candy, and we will be sending it to Navy Fleet CVN 77 George  H. W. Bush. If you want to donate your candy, they will be happy to receive a nice sweet treat! It is a nice way to say thanks for all that they do! If you would like to participate, please send your candy to the attention of Judy Weaver no later than Friday, December 10.
  • School Paper
    • Do you want to be enthralled?  If so, be on the lookout for the first edition of our newspaper called The Post on the St. Andrew website; it is chock filled with articles from students and information on a few new teachers.  It also has some insight from teachers and staff as well as a piece on two people in our administrative staff!  This will be posted early next week.
  • “Tell Congress Not to Exclude Faith-Based Providers from Proposed Childcare & Pre-K Programs”



Repeat School Information

  • 1-8 November Lunch Menu
  • PreK November Lunch Menu
  • All School Liturgy Next for Thanksgiving
    • Next week’s all school liturgy will be on Wednesday at 10:00 AM. Kindergarten and grades 2,4 and 6-8 will attend in person. Grades 1, 3, 5 will stream online, but grades 3 and 5 will receive communion in the gym. We need to limit attendance to only parents of those who are reading or serving at Mass. Parents are still welcome to attend Class Masses in the Marian Room. Thank you for your understanding.
  • CARES Thanksgiving week
    • On Wednesday, November 24, we have a half day of school.
    • AM CARES will operate as normal.
    • PM CARES will end at 3:30 PM on 11/24.
    • Please provide your child with a packed lunch and drink on this day as lunch is not provided at school that day
    • There is no school on Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26 for the Thanksgiving holiday. 
  • Reminder that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a half day for all students. 
    • Preschool and Kindergarten with no siblings dismissal will start in the back 3 hours early at 11:30, and the front dismissal will start at 12:00.
    • CARES is open after school until 3:30.
  • Last week, the PA Court issued a ruling voiding the Health Department’s mask order.  An appeal has been filed; therefore, the mask mandate is still an order. As a result, we will continue to abide by the mandate. 
  • Governor Wolf announced that the state plans to return the school mask requirement to local control on January 17, 2022.  At that time, schools would be able to follow their own Covid Safety Plan. As we have in the past, Saint Andrew will work with BCHD and OCE. Discussions are constantly taking place, but final decisions will not be made until we are closer to this date. 
  • The Fathers’ Committee now has two co-chairs leading it. Thanks to Zach Kemp and Raz Ionescu for volunteering. The Fathers’ Committee meets monthly at the Sycamore Grill for fellowship and for planning numerous community service events that they participate in with their children. If you are interested, please reach out to them. They can be reached at
  • Recess Volunteers Needed
    • If you have your clearances and can occasionally come to school between 10:46-1:46 and would like to volunteer/help us at recess, we would appreciate it. Most importantly, our students would appreciate it. 
      • If you need your clearances, please contact Kathleen Kajmo at, and she can help you get the process started. 
      • We need at least one day’s notice or a regular commitment to prepare and make sure that clearances are in order. 
        • If you can volunteer, please email and, and they will help from there. 
  • Christmas Festival – Save the Date
  • Ask it at Saint Andrew will be monitored if you have any questions. 


Save the Date – Upcoming School Events

  • Monday 11/22
  • Tuesday 11/23
  • Wednesday 11/24-11/28
    • 10:00 All School Liturgy
    • Half Day Dismissal at 11:30 for PreK and K and 12:00 for 1-8 and bus riders.
    • Start of Thanksgiving Break


After School Programs


Community Info

*These are not Saint Andrew Events and do not follow our Clearance policy but generally are shared by parishioners or members of our community and may be something you are looking for your children and/or family. 


High School Information