Friday News January 7, 2022

 Dear St. Andrew Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It was great to be back around the students this week. 


What a week! We had no snow when we thought we would on Monday, ice on Wednesday, and then real snow today. Sorry for the later message on Wednesday; we did not receive messages from our transportation departments in a timely manner and were trying to track them down while looking at the roads ourselves. We will strive to make them more clear and to have them out by 7 at the latest. A couple of notes are below regarding weather related events. 


As you are probably aware, we saw a quick increase in Covid cases over the Christmas break and into this week. We are doing our best to manage the situation and to keep our kids learning in the building while following the quarantine protocols I sent last week. The most important thing we continue to ask is please keep any sick students home until they are symptom free, even if it is not Covid. I know this is different than the Tylenol down the throat and back slap to tough it out from my dad, but it is our reality right now. Also, if someone has been exposed, you have a household positive, or student tests positive, please reach out to administration right away. By working together, we can ensure everyone is following the correct protocols. 


We believe we are the only school in our area that has been open every day (non-snow) since the start of last year, and the only school (public, private, or parochial) that has not had to shut a single homeroom down. We could not have done this without everyone doing their part. This is something we are proud of, however, if we have a cluster of cases in a homeroom or grade level, it is possible a room or grade level would have to be shut down for virtual learning for a short period of time. 


Have a great weekend and check out the information below!


School Information

  • Tricky Tray Information
  • Late Arrival (usually two hours can be up to a 3 hour delay)
    • On all late arrival days, students can wear gym uniforms. 
    • AM CARES will not be available. 
    • Half Day Preschool and Half Day Kindergarten will be cancelled. 
    • We almost always follow CR as that is where we are located, and they also have evaluated the roads.
  • Snow Day(s) – Below is our process, Day 2 and 3 are listed in case there are consecutive snow days.
    • Day 1- Asynchronous work 
      • No Specials
      • Older students will have work posted in their Google Classroom for all core classes.
      • Younger students will have work packets sent home prior or sent home from the teacher via email. 
      • Work will not be sent home for preschool.
    • Day 2- Asynchronous work with a teacher check in
      • Teachers will again assign work, but they will provide a time and a link (Zoom or Google Meet) where students can check in on their work and ask questions. 
        • For K-3, this could include a short story or lesson as those teachers only see one class of students a day. 
    • Day 3- Would be a traditional snow day.
      •  If this happens, we would lose the March 18 holiday and any other days would be added to the end of the year for grades 1-8. 
        • Preschool and Kindergarten would not be made up. 


Repeat School Information


Save the Date – Upcoming School Events

  • Monday 1/10
    • Home and School Board Meeting 8:15PM Virtual 
  • Tuesday 1/11
    • Confessions at the Main Church start at 6:30PM
  • Wednesday 1/12
    • First National Bank Open 8:30-12pm
  • Thursday, 1/13
  • Friday, 1/14
    • 6th Grade Mass 10AM Marian Room 
    • 7th and 8th Grade Dance has been cancelled. 


After School Programs


*Community Info

*These are not Saint Andrew School Events and do not follow our Clearance policy but generally are shared by parishioners or members of our community and may be something you are looking for your children and/or family. 

Repeat Community Information