Mask Optional Letter

Dear Saint Andrew Parents, 

I write this letter to inform you that as of February 14, Saint Andrew CEC will be moving to a mask optional policy with mask mitigation as a strategy to slow down any potential spread in the school. We do not make this decision lightly, and we know that both those in favor of masks and those who strictly oppose masks will probably not agree with aspects of the plan. However, we believe this change and this plan is what is best for our students and school community. We make this decision based on our current case counts, past case counts, vaccination rates, and in consultation with the Bucks County Health Department, our Leadership Team, and the Office of Catholic Education. Our plan is outlined in detail here, and highlights are below. 

  • We encourage staff and students who prefer to wear a mask to continue to wear a mask to their comfort level. 
  • Masks will be required to be worn: 

○ If over a 5 day span, more than 8% of our school community has tested positive for Covid. In this case, our entire school will be required to wear masks. Masks would be required for 5 consecutive days (when in the building). 

○ If there are more than 2 cases in a homeroom over a period of 5 days, that homeroom will be required to wear masks for 5 days. 

○ To meet quarantine guidelines after returning due to testing positive. This would be after at least 5 days and no longer presenting any symptoms and to day 10 of symptom onset. 

○ To meet quarantine guidelines after a confirmed exposure for 5-10 days. ■ Household exposures are 10 days from isolation. 

■ Exposures outside of the household have the option to test out at day 5 following the exposure. 

○ If the nurse or administration requires it due to the presence of any Covid symptoms. 

■ The parent has the right to come pick up their child if they do not want them to wear a mask. 

Due to Federal Regulations, masking is still required on school buses.

  • If you do not want your child to wear a mask in any of the above situations, you may choose to keep your child home. They will be considered absent and make 

up work as they would for any other absence. Synchronous or asynchronous instruction will not be provided. 

  • As we have over the last 18 months, we will continue to rely on our parents to move forward and keep our students in school. 

○ We must continue to keep sick children at home. 

○ We must report all positive Covid cases in a household to our school administration to ensure proper protocols are being followed. 

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate our next steps during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Robert Sikora