Summer News- 3rd Edition 7/29/2022

Dear St. Andrew Parents,

 Hope you are having a great summer!  For our new families, do not forget there is a New Family Playground Event at Saint Andrew on August 11 from 5-7PM. For all families, there is a uniform swap event on August 11 from 3-6PM.

Some information and reminders are below; please take a few minutes to read through at least the new information, and note there is a local family in need with information posted in the community section. 


School Information

  • Personnel Update
    • We are sad to announce that Mrs. Laura Rieder, our building sub and CARES director, has accepted a position at the Rectory. We are also sad to announce that Mrs. Lauren LaRosa, our 7th and 8th grade Religion teacher, will not be returning next year to take care of her family. 
    • We are happy to announce that Mrs. Maryellen McGinley will be returning to teach at Saint Andrew. She will be teaching in our new 2 day preschool 3-year-old room. 
    • We are also happy to announce we have hired a new PE/Gym teacher, Mr. Luke Carlin. 
    • Our new Assistant Principal, Dr. Bonavitacola, officially starts this Monday, August 1. She is looking forward to meeting you all. Mrs. Wagner will continue to be a leader at Saint Andrew and is our Associate Principal.
  • Class Lists
    • Class assignments should be available through the FACTS Family Portal on the morning of Tuesday, August 10. The district code is SA-PA. For our new families, you will need to click on this link and use the email address that you shared with us in your registration to access your account.
    • Requests for class changes will not be honored. 
    • All of our school events are posted on the calendar in FACTS. If you would like to sync the school FACTS calendar to your Google calendar on your computer or phone, follow these instructions
  • Dress Code
    • Please make sure that your children have proper fitting uniforms. 
      • Please check the length of the girls’ skorts. Skorts should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Skorts should never be rolled. 
      • Shirts must always be tucked. If the shirt is constantly untucked, a new shirt will be necessary. 
      • Boys in grades 2-8 must wear a belt. 
      • Boys may wear the traditional dress shoes or another all black sneaker as part of the school uniform. Girls may wear the traditional saddle shoes or keds saddle sneakers. Backs of shoes should not be folded down. The entire foot must remain in the shoe.
      • No sweatshirts should be on in the building except during the winter on the student’s assigned gym day. School uniform sweaters should be worn in the fall and spring if a student needs to warm up. 
      • Gym Day uniforms consist of Saint Andrew Gym Uniforms, Saint Andrew Spirit Sale Wear. SAS Spirit Day Shirts are acceptable. CYO shirts should not be worn.
      • Nail polish and make-up including eyeliner are not permitted. 
      • Jewelry is limited to one earring in each earlobe for females. One necklace with religious implications may be worn. 


Repeat School Information

  • Summer work/assignments can be found on our website with the link below. Other than the work below we encourage your children to read! Read on a plane, in the car, 15 minutes a day or night. For our younger kids, read to them or read with them. As students get older, consider fostering a book club with your child(ren) or family. Essentially both parent(s) and child(ren) own a copy of a book that the child/student chooses, and you approve and talk about the book with each other and ask your children questions to dig a little deeper into the novel. Consider inviting a grandparent, dad, cousins, and friends. This is a great way to foster reading and make it fun. 
  • Important Bussing Information K-8
  • Order your new uniforms! 
  • Orchestra Registration (Grades 1-8)
    • Orchestra will take place on Tuesdays during the school year on a rotating schedule.
      •  Any school work missed by the students is expected to be made up in a timely manner.
    • PDF Registration Form
      • Do not register for our school orchestra anywhere else. 
    • A demonstration will take place in September and registrations will still be accepted through this date. 
    • If you have any questions please reach out to Mr. Mynyk directly at



Parish/Archdiocese Information


Community Events

*These are not Saint Andrew School Events and do not follow our Clearance policy but generally are shared by parishioners or members of our community and may be something you are looking for your children and/or family. 

  • 31-year-old Saint Andrew Alumni battling cancer. If you are able to and interested in helping, please click on the Go Fund Me link below to learn more.