Friday News November 4, 2022

Dear St. Andrew Parents,


Please consider volunteering with our Junior Achievement program. Each homeroom needs a parent volunteer! Each volunteer is provided with a kit of everything they need to run the classes – a detailed script of teacher speaker notes and all the supplies. This is an outstanding program that provides our students with Financial Literacy at an age appropriate level. For more information please click here. 


Please note there is a family fundraising event for a local family listed under the community section. Mom and child both are fighting cancer. While they are not parishioners of Saint Andrew, they are members of our local community and could use our support. We also will be setting up a fundraiser and prayer of some sort in an attempt to help the family. Please check out the link below to see if the circus event works for your family. 


There have been many recent articles discussing how standardized test scores show major gaps in learning across the country in our public schools. Fortunately, we did not experience that in our community. Certainly, there were setbacks, sacrifices, and some social emotional losses due to the pandemic and related policies. However, our students were able to still meet standards and achieve academically.  Here is a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal speaking to Catholic Schools growing academically and improving during Covid. 


Our kitchen staff is going to cook a Thanksgiving lunch for our 1-8 students and are asking families to complete this form if your child would like the meal, so they know what to order and prepare. Please complete the form for each child you have that wants the meal. Thanks! 


Have a great weekend! 


School Information 

  • Teacher Gift Collection
    • Letters regarding the teacher gift collection were sent home with the students this week. You can send in your donation to school via cash or check or visit Parish Giving at
    • Please submit all donations no later than Friday, November 11. 
  • Winter Uniforms will begin this Monday, November 7. 
    • No more gym shorts. Students are to wear sweatpants. 
    • No more t-shirts for gym. Students may wear their t-shirts under their sweatshirts. 
    • The girls may no longer wear anklets or white socks. All girls should be wearing navy blue knee socks or navy blue tights.
    • Boys may not wear shorts. All boys must wear grey dress slacks.
    • All students must wear sweaters.
  • Veterans Day bus and traffic
    • Pennsbury buses will not be running on Friday, November 11. This will cause a little longer drop off and pick up lines as that is 3 buses that will not be in operation.
  • Lost and Found
    • We now have quite a few sweaters and clothing along with lunchboxes, water bottles, pencil bags, etc. filling up our lost and found tables. Please take a look here if you are missing any of the above. Your child can pick them up or you can email, and we will try to deliver the item to your child’s teacher for them to bring home. 
    • If you are missing a school sweater in your house, please ask your child to take a look in the lost and found. 
    • All items will be donated or thrown away at Thanksgiving if they are not claimed beforehand. 
  • Cover the Turkey Fundraiser
    • Cover the Turkey Feather Fundraiser will run from November 7 through November 18. Student Council and NJHS will be selling Thankful Feathers: 1 feather for .25 cents or 5 feathers for $1.00.  Students should write what they are thankful for and decorate their feathers.  Teachers will attach the feathers on the class turkey and watch him grow! All proceeds will benefit Catholic Charities. Please help share the spirit of the holidays with our neighbors in need.  
  • Late Slips are given to any student that arrives after 8:10. We are seeing more late students arrive at the back loop. Even if your older student(s) are helping preschool or kindergarten students get to class, they must be in class on time. 
    • Per PA state laws and attendance requirements, we must document the late arrivals. Please make sure you are arriving in time for your 1-8 grade students to be in the building by 8:10 AM. 
  • Picture retakes will be on Monday, November 14 for students who were absent on the original picture day. Students who are not satisfied with their portraits will be able to take a retake. Students must bring their original portrait packages for return.  
    • If your child is participating in the dress down day on 11/14, please have them arrive in uniform. They may change in the restroom after taking their school picture. 
  • Our Shop with Cop Dress Down is scheduled for Monday, 11/14. Students are asked to bring in at least  $1 and to wear blue to show their support for our local police departments. Shop with a Cop is an event where local police officers shop with families in need and help them purchase Christmas gifts for their entire family. Every year, we have some of our own families that are in need and that participate in this great cause.
    • If your family is in need this year and could use a little extra help, please complete this form, and an officer will be in contact with you.
    • Police officers from our local area will be at the school on Monday, 11/14 to help us celebrate, so please do not be alarmed when you see the officers here a week from Monday. 


Repeat School Information

  • Message for PA Catholic Conference
    • We are asking you to thank PA lawmakers in Harrisburg for their support of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs, which have improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania’s students.
    • The increases to both programs this year will allow thousands of additional families to send their children to the school that best fits their needs. Catholic schools continue to benefit greatly from these programs.
  • EITC Tax Giving Information – Foundation for Catholic Education

Week Ahead:

  • Monday, 11/7
    • Start of Winter Uniforms 
    • Confirmation Practice at 6PM at the Main Church
  • Tuesday, 11/8
    • Orchestra Lessons
    • Fathers’ Committee Meeting at 7:30 in the Marian Room
  • Wednesday, 11/9
    • First National Bank is Open from 8:30-12pm. 
    • Confirmation Practice at 6PM at the Main Church
  • Thursday, 11/10
  • Friday, 11/11
    • Veterans Day Program Reception at 8:15 in the Marian Room 
    • Veterans Day Assembly at 9AM in the Gym 
  • Saturday, 11/12    
    • Confirmation at 10AM and 1:30PM at the Main Church 

Community Events

*These are not Saint Andrew School Events and do not follow our clearance policy but generally are shared by parishioners or members of our community and may be something you are interested in for your children and/or family.