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Reading Olympics

Reading Olympics

 Grades: 5 - 8                                                                                                                         

Grade 5 Moderators: Mrs. Hoffman and Miss Costa 

Grade 6 Moderator: Mrs. Plomchok     

Grades 7-8 Moderators: Miss Grundy and Mrs. Schuman

**Please see our 2020 Saint Andrew Action Plan for Opening during COVID for the most recent information about After School Activities. This can be found under the Principal message.

This annual event begins each spring as book lists are published for the following year's contest. During the school year, teams of up to 12 students work together to read the books and write questions individually so that they can practice answering questions about all 45 books on the list. A contest is held each March or April for hundreds of teams around the Bucks County area.

Ribbons are awarded for points scored during three rounds of competition. All teams receive a ribbon - the color depends on total points scored.



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