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Student Ambassadors Club

Student Ambassador

Grades: 4 - 8
Moderator: Miss Bilello and Mrs. Juhas
3rd Thursday each month - 4:15 PM

**Please see our 2020 Saint Andrew Action Plan for Opening during COVID for the most recent information about After School Activities. This can be found under the Principal message.

This program was initiated in September 2010 as a way for our school community to reach out to those children who may, one day, walk our halls as students of Saint Andrew Catholic School.

Current students are selected to act as student ambassadors based on their enthusiasm for our school, their communication skills, and their thoughtful attitudes. The students write welcome cards to the newly baptized babies of Saint  Andrew Catholic Church.

The children to whom they write will then receive a card from their Student Ambassador on or about the anniversary of their Baptism each year until they are of an age to enroll at Saint Andrew Catholic School. We are hopeful that the student's commitment to the Student Ambassador program will continue through the eighth grade year, when they can finally welcome into our kindergarten the children to whom they have been writing since the fourth grade.

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