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Alumni Steering Committee

The mission of the Saint Andrew Catholic School Alumni Association is to support the school as it seeks to attain its ideals; communicate and interpret the school's goals and achievements to others; and promote a spirit of unity and loyalty among graduates, former students, congregation and friends.

The Alumni Steering Committee is comprised of alumni members from Saint Andrew Catholic School.

The purpose of the Alumni Steering Committee is to promote the interests of Saint Andrew Catholic School by creating programs that bring alumni back to the school and community by:

  • Developing activities that bring alumni together
  • Increasing alumni participation in Annual Giving
  • Communicating to current students the importance of being an alum
  • Networking within the community to provide opportunities for the school

The Alumni Steering Committee leads or supports, and participates in, a variety of school activities, including:

  • Annual Giving
  • Class reunions
  • Alumni gatherings and networking events

The Alumni Steering Committee meetings occur several times per year.

If you’d like to volunteer some of your time to helping with alumni activities, please contact  jwagner@standrewcec.com

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