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As a child, the closest you probably got to banking was handling colorful bills of Monopoly money. Saint Andrew Catholic School students are getting a lot closer to the real thing.  Each Wednesday, the students are able to deposit money into a REAL account in a REAL bank in the school.

Saint Andrew Catholic School is one of the only elementary schools in the Commonwealth with a student run bank.

Seventh and eighth grade students interview for positions as tellers in The First National Bank and Trust of Newtown for the school year.  The positions are filled and students are trained to become a real teller.  Students interact with other students at the bank, making it a learning experience for everyone.


Banker of the Week is awarded each week by the administration.  Students are honored in the daily announcements and receive a small gift to encourage saving and working towards their financial goals.


  • Who runs the bank in the school?
    • The bank is run by a First National Bank employee and seventh and eighth grade student tellers.
  • How do I set up a Student Account?
  • How does my child apply to work in the bank?
    • Student tellers apply in the spring of sixth grade by filling out an application. Interviews are conducted by the bank employees.
  • Can I see my child's account online?
    • Yes. The student bank account is treated like any other bank account that has online access.
  • How do I transfer my child's bank account after they graduate?
    • The student bank account is a regular bank account and stays in your name.  Transfers are made the same way you transfer any other account. You may also maintain the account after your child graduates.
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