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Blue Ribbon School

The foundation of education at Saint Andrew Catholic School is characterized by spirituality, academics and service. Religion is integrated throughout the curriculum. Achievement of rigorous academic standards is a hallmark of learning, enabling graduating students to qualify for admissions to and scholarships from the most prestigious high schools. The 2021 graduating class earned $694,660 in scholarships. All stakeholders participate in community outreach.

Financial literacy is incorporated through Junior Achievement, a stock market club and an official, FDIC approved, branch of the First National Bank and Trust of Newtown, staffed by student tellers. Cutting-edge technology enhances learning through a computer lab, one-on-one Chromebooks, iPad carts, and interactive touchscreen technology in classrooms. Differentiated instruction is utilized to encourage students to strive for and meet their full potential, resulting in a profound effect on student achievement. The intellectual development of each student promotes the highest level of problem-solving and critical thinking. A learning support program assists struggling students through individual and small group instruction, accommodations and modifications.

Several extra-curricular activities provide an opportunity for students to enjoy time for social and emotional development outside the classroom. Athletics, chorus, instrumental music, Scrabble, science fair, Reading Olympics, Lego club and newspaper are just some of the programs offered.

Saint Andrew Catholic School is a family. Respectful interactions and communications occur among all stakeholders. Visitors frequently comment that the kindness and compassion is palpable, confirming that our motto, "Work Hard and Be Kind," is being accomplished daily.

Saint Andrew was awarded Blue Ribbon School status in 2013 and 2021.