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Volunteer Clearances

5 Steps Required to Obtain Volunteer Clearance

  1. PA State Police Criminal Record Check
    1. Go to https://epatch.pa.gov/home for your PA State Police Criminal Check.  Results available within a few minutes.
    2. Print out your results for submission to the School.
    3. Renewal is required every 5 years.
  2. PA Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Clearance Check
    1. Go to https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home and submit an application online. Create a "Child Welfare Account" and complete the information electronically through the Child Welfare Portal.
    2. Print out your results for submission to the School.
    3. Renewal is required every 5 years.
  3. Federal Criminal Background Check
    1. A Federal background check, fingerprinting, is also required for non-school employees and all volunteers, who do not live in PA or have lived outside of PA during the past ten years. Information is available online by clicking here.  If you HAVE lived in PA for 10 years continuously, please sign the Disclosure Statement.
    2. Print out your results for submission to the School.
    3. If fingerprinting is necessary, pre register  by clicking How an applicant can preregister for fingerprints.
    4. For all current and/or prospective parish and other staff/volunteers
      1. The following are service codes needed to register:
        1. 1KG6ZJ for Volunteers.
        2. If you don’t fall under the above category you will need to contact (DHS) Department of Human Services to determine the appropriate code you should use at 717-783-6211.
    5. After the above code is entered you should then click on Schedule or Manage Appointment and enter the required information.
    6. For fingerprint locations please visit the following website: https://www.identogo.com/locations/pennsylvania
    7. Fee: $25.25
  4. Protecting God's Children
    1. Volunteers who have any contact with children are required to complete parts one and two of the Safe Environment training within 90 days of beginning their volunteer work.
      1. Part I: Protecting God's Children (instructor-led), is offered regularly at sites throughout the Archdiocese.  The training provides basic facts about child sexual abuse and adults’ roles in prevention. Register here.
      2. Part II: The Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse (online), is available online in English and Spanish. This training provides an overview of Archdiocesan reporting procedures for suspected child abuse and Pennsylvania Child Welfare Laws. The training should take you approximately one hour to complete. Register here.
  5.  Act 24: Arrest & Conviction Report
    1. Go to http://www.education.pa.gov/Documents/Teachers-Administrators/Background%20Checks/Arrest%20or%20Conviction%20form.pdf
    2. Print out your results for submission to the School.

Parents, we really appreciate the extra efforts in continuing to keep our children safe.

As we continue to do all we can to keep our children safe, also know that the Office for Child and Youth Protection provides services, resources and support toward healing for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and their families. Victim services can be reached at 1-888-800-8780 or via email at philavac@archphila.org.

You can reach Kathleen Kajmo at 215-968-2685 x 208 or clearances@stapn.org with any questions regarding your own Volunteer Clearance.