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COVID Parent Checklist

One thing I would like to ask for is a prompt return of absence notes. Absent notes can be written on the “note to home pad” and turned in to the teacher. If you keep your child home due to symptoms or they are sick, please send in the COVID Parent Checklist. Please note the new second page with further clarification of when students can return to school after having symptoms. If you need to visit the doctor, please return with a doctor’s note. Also, since the common cold and COVID share many of the same symptoms, it is becoming common for doctors to order a COVID-19 test. If your child is tested, please let the homeroom teacher and administration know, so we can keep our local data accurate and stay up-to-date. If there is a positive test, we will notify all families and staff. More specific information will be shared with those who may have been in close contact with the student or staff member (same cohort, bus, etc). At no time would the school share names of a positive or presumed positive test.  Right now, 97% of COVID tests in Bucks County are negative. If there is a positive test, all Saint Andrew students in that household will have to stay home for the quarantine period. If you need to pick up materials after a test has been requested by your doctor, please contact the teacher to work out details.