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At Saint Andrew Catholic School teachers and administrators truly care about their students and want to see them succeed.  Whether a student is in need of academic tutoring, counseling, or peer mentoring, Saint Andrew Catholic School offers a variety of support solutions to ensure that students meet their goals.

Guidance and counseling services provide individual educational testing used to assess student ability and academic achievement. Upon completion of the testing process, the counselor meets with parents, teachers and administrators to review the results of the comprehensive report, to offer recommendations and to establish an educational plan.

Counseling services are available on an individual basis to meet student needs.

Small groups and classroom guidance sessions are also offered, focusing on study, organizational and social skills.


Counseling, testing and remediation services are provided through the Bucks County Intermediate Unit and Catapult Learning. The guidance counselor provides academic screening, individual and group counseling, and organization and study skills sessions. If warranted, a student is referred to a psychologist provided by Catapult Learning for psycho-educational evaluation. Students having academic difficulty in math and reading are referred to the remediation program.  Speech,  language and hearing therapy services are also available onsite. www.catapultlearning.com/