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Health Services

Phone: 215-968-2685 extension 234
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Saint Andrew Catholic School nurses assess the health needs of students and collaborate with families, school staff, physicians and the community to provide a comprehensive school health program that facilitates the maximum educational opportunity for the students.

Deciding if your child is too sick to go to school can be difficult for parents. Click here for guidelines on how to make this decision.
Email your child's absence to attendance@standrewcec.com.  Please note the date, your child's name, grade, and the reason for the absence.


Dental Forms
Dental forms are required by the first day of school for new students and those in grades K, 3 and 7.  Forms are available from your dentist or have the dentist fax or email the document to the school nurse. Click here for the dental form.

Physical Forms
Physical forms are required by the first day of school for new students and students in grades K and 6. Exams completed within the past school year are acceptable to meet the state requirement.  Click here for the physical form.


Click here for the latest immunization requirements. Failure to comply with Pennsylvania State Immunization Requirement before the FIRST day of school may prevent your child from attending school.

Immunization Policy from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
The policy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with respect to vaccinations, requires all children to be vaccinated against a wide variety of diseases. Exceptions are not granted, except for medical reasons.  Click here for the Immunization Policy for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Medication Policy

Only medications which are absolutely necessary will be given during the school day. Whenever possible, parents/guardians are requested to administer medication at home to children. If this is not possible, parents or guardians may request that the school nurse administers medication at the scheduled time during school hours. Any student who is required to take medication during school hours will be subject to the following regulations:
  • A “permission to administer medication” form must be completed and signed by the physician and parent or guardian and returned to the school nurse before medication can be dispensed in school. Click here for the medication form.
  • Prescription and non-prescription over the counter medications must be in the original container with a note from the parent and physician to include: name of medicine, dosage, time of administration, dates to be given and reason for medication. Medications may be sent in by the day or the week. Students may not carry a full prescription bottle to be taken back and forth daily.
  • If the school nurse is unavailable to administer the medication on a time schedule determined by the student’s physician, a care plan shall be determined by the school nurse and the parent or guardian to ensure that the dosage is administered as scheduled. - Medications given over extended periods will be reviewed by the physician, parents and nurse.
    Students requiring medical attention must report to the nurse. No medications should be placed in lunch boxes or school bags for students to self-administer.

Emergency Information
Information included on emergency cards is essential for maintaining contact with parents and guardians.  It is recommended that parents and guardians notify the school promptly when there are changes in home, business or cell phone numbers.  You can view your current information on FACTS.

General Information
The school nurse is responsible only for the emergency care of injuries and sudden illnesses which occur while the student is in school. The nurse is not available to diagnose or treat students who come to school with injuries or illnesses.
The nurse is responsible for checking height, weight, hearing and vision and for making referrals to parents when problems are found. The nurse maintains all health records. Care given in the school is limited to first aid in accidents or illness until the parents can be reached to take the child home, to the doctor or to the hospital. In an emergency, the nurse will arrange to have the student transported to the hospital.