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Saint Andrew Catholic School has an exceptional kindergarten program. Each year, Saint Andrew School brings many new families into our school community as we fill our kindergarten classrooms with enthusiastic young learners. Our experienced, highly committed kindergarten teachers guide our young ones through the year in a nurturing, loving environment.

The curriculum is an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach to engage and motivate our early childhood learners,

  • Technology driven math curriculum
  • Multi-disciplinary activities
  • S.T.E.M. challenges
  • Faith based religion curriculum
  • Phonics based reading program
  • Spanish
  • Music & Art

Throughout the year, our children participate in many special events, including

  • Our annual Halloween parade
  • Sweet gingerbread house party
  • 100th day celebration
  • Be good to the Earth Day
  • Special person's day
  • May procession
  • Spirit day

Our kindergarten teachers incorporate many interactive activities which integrate phonics. These include funny feet day, reindeer day and pajama day just to name a few. On "Ss" week you may find kindergarten practicing writing their letters in shaving cream, "Ww" week we celebrate God’s gift of water by painting with water colors and "Rr" week brings rainbows.

Throughout the year, the children are introduced to older children through the "Buddy Program". Fifth grade students are teamed up with kindergarten students to play games, read and learn about each other.

As the year progresses, parents see progress reports that include faith development, self-awareness, social development, word attack strategies, spelling rules, the writing process and math skills.

Parents are invited into the classroom to participate in activities as needed. Note, all parents must have their clearances prior to volunteering at the school.

Kindergarten News!


    After our daughter spent two years in a Montessori school we decided to transition her to Saint Andrew School for kindergarten.  It was a difficult decision at the time, but one that we have never regretted. St. Andrew's kindergarten has exceeded our expectations - without a doubt, we are amazed at the spiritual, social and academic skills our daughter has developed and honed all year!

    She comes off the bus each day full of excitement and with many stories to share.  Whether it's new "buzz words" she's learned, a chapel visit, a new song, kid writing, ABC rug learning, a dance party, or a special art project, the list just never ends!  We have watched  her attention to detail and overall academic skills skyrocket. She's gone from barely knowing letter sounds to reading! She takes great pride in her work and loves learning. Our daughter has also taught us new things like how to be a "bucket filler" through kind words and actions, as well as many wonderful prayers.

    Steve and Lori Schlosser