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Learning Support Services


Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, Saint Andrew Catholic School instituted a Learning Support program for students in fifth through eighth grades and students who live outside of the state.  This Learning Support program is offered for students with specific learning disabilities, students who need additional support, as well as students with ADHD.

This Learning Support program is similar to yet different from Catapult Services which is available to students in kindergarten through fourth grade. The Learning Support program offers services to students with specific needs in various subjects. The program uses the same curriculum used in the student’s classroom; however, there are many different scaffolding techniques and caters to each student’s individual learning style.

The Learning Support program may “push-into” classrooms, meaning our Learning Support team supports the classroom teachers by co-teaching, working in small groups, and supporting all students in their classrooms. The Learning Support program also offers "pull out" classes, similar to Catapult. Every effort is made to offer this service during specials or study periods.

Learning Support also offers modified testing services for students. Students are able to visit the Learning Support classroom to have tests read aloud in a quiet and calm testing environment. The classroom is an open, serene, yet fun space for the students with flexible seating arrangements.  Students may choose seating from stability balls to regular chairs in many different locations throughout the Learning Support room.