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Welcome to the Saint Andrew Library. The children will be doing exciting reading, researching and writing projects! Some of the things we have done are:

First Grade: Learned about the way that books are organized in the library. They created a graphic organizer based on the book What Happened to Marian’s Book? We also made our own bookmarks in class and talked about the care of library books.

Second Grade: We learned about the ways in which fiction and non-fiction are organized in the library. We also read about the Dewey Decimal System and worked on basic library skills.

Third Grade: They are working hard to identify and understand various genres of literature. We spent the better part of the year exploring genres and their unique qualities.

Fourth Grade: They are having fun by exploring books on the solar system, talking about Dewey and putting together their first group Google Slides presentations on national monuments.

Sixth and Seventh Grade: They are working hard on learning MLA citations, copyright law and research skills. Some research projects sixth and seventh grades have done are “My Favorite College”, “Decades” and a “Black History Month” presentation.

Eighth Grade: As they prepare to graduate this year, they are reviewing basic research and citation concepts that they will take with them to high school. Eighth grade is also previewing the biographies of great authors that they will study next year as ninth graders.


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