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Aramark is happy to provide food service to your child for the 2021-2022 school year with nutritious, healthy choices as well as exciting recipes and menus.


The lunch meal price is $3.75 for preschool 4's and kindergarten students and is a smaller portion size. The meal deal is available to all students and includes an entrée, side dish and milk unless specifically requested by a parent or guardian to have another beverage choice. There is one daily meal choice, “Option A."

The lunch meals will be selected every morning in the classroom and will be ready at their designated lunch time. As the parent or guardian, you will have the ability to select which meal you would like your son or daughter to have.


The meal deal price is $4.75 for all students in first through eighth grades. The lunch meal includes an entrée, side dish and a choice of milk or water. This is the best value for all students and includes three of the five meal components. Aramark will provide a daily lunch meal in addition to our core menu. The core menu options are offered a la carte style and offered daily. The core menu consists of traditional student favorites. Students will not have to “pre-select” their meal selection. Features of the menu include:

  • A different vegetable offered weekly
  • A different fresh fruit offered weekly
  • Only low-fat milk or water offered with the daily meal or 100% fruit juice
  • A la carte options and additional selection of beverages available for purchase


At Saint Andrew Catholic School, we are not part of the National School Lunch program; however, we stay on top of all current trends within the education food service market. All cooking will be conducted on site and served fresh!

Lunch Payment System

QuikLunch will continue to be utilized as the Saint Andrew Catholic School computerized debit system.

  • Students will use their assigned personal identification number (PIN) to access their account.
  • Your child’s pin number is the same 7 digit ID number that the school uses.
  • New and transfer students will be assigned a PIN number on the first day of school, which can be obtained from the cafeteria manager.
  • Pin numbers are used for all transactions.

"PayForIt" is now called PaySchools Central

  • Add money to your child's account, get detailed purchase reports, email reminders, and more
  • Easy-to- use online portal and a mobile app
  • Existing users:  use your existing "PayForit " username and password to access your PaySchools Central account.
  • New users:  set up a FREE account and add your child's student id number & school district (Archdiocese of Philadelphia)
  • Note: lunch deposits payed online will incur an internet convenience fee. When using a debit or credit card this fee is 4.75% per transaction. The ACH fee when using an electronic check is $1.75 per transaction.
  • Send direct payment through check or a money order to your school’s cafeteria via mail or directly to the school cafeteria. Please note checks and money orders are made payable to Aramark.
  • Balances for returning students will be carried over to the next school year.
  • Monies may also be transferred to siblings or if your child transfers to an Archdiocesan High School.

Aramark will never turn away children from dining with us if they don’t have money. If there is a negative balance, Aramark will not allow the purchase of pre-packaged snacks, drinks, or ice cream. Aramark will, however, allow your son or daughter to purchase the meal of the day.

All questions regarding the Point of Sale system can be directed to the Cafeteria Manager, Rebecca Magnin .@Magnin-Rebecca@aramark.com.