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This is the introduction to the book reviews.  You can write in the page or write them as individual posts that will automatically go in to the page.  This is not set up yet. We will discuss and set it up the way you want it.


THE NEST BY Janet Maslin

This is where Mrs. Matteo can write blog articles, or maybe Book Reviews. Maybe even an image of the book.  It doesn't have to be lengthy or even perfectly written. Maybe just a blurb about the book. 

“The Nest” is a novel in the Squabbling Sibling genre. Unless such stories are told by someone of the caliber of Chekhov or Dostoyevsky, they tend to be domestic comedies padded with lucky coincidences and studded with old grudges. And they need to be set in motion by some convenient family crisis and venue.

Why I Like It: