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Requirements for 7th Grade

By the time your child enters 7th grade, for ELA, he/she should be able to:

  1. Identify the basic parts of speech and understand how they are used in a sentence:
  2. noun as subject and object
  3. verb
  4. adjective and adverb
  5. preposition
  6. conjunction
  7. Be able to construct a basic paragraph, including a strong topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding, or closing, sentence.  They should be able to use effective transition words, descriptive language, and be able to support their statements using either text evidence or personal experiences/examples. They should be able to construct a strong thesis in order to support their viewpoint. 
  8. Understand the importance of critical, engaged reading for a deeper understanding of material.  Students should be actively reading, asking questions as they read, and making annotations.

General Expectations:

  1. Student will record homework and be responsible for its completion.
  2. Student will understand that they are ultimately responsible for his/her own academic success which includes turning work in on time, making work up as needed, studying as needed, asking questions as needed, and respecting his/her classmates.