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String Orchestra

Saint Andrew String Orchestra Program

Moderator: Mr. Mynyk

**Please see our 2020 Saint Andrew Action Plan for Opening during COVID for the most recent information about After School Activities. This can be found under the Principal message. 

The Saint Andrew Catholic School String Orchestra

Program is a unique immersion into the world of music for violin, viola and cello. It is one of the few string orchestra programs in the tristate area that begins at first grade. Students begin their musical exploration with Suzuki, Theory Time and Fiddle Time from Oxford University Press.
This is a graded curriculum that prepares students to successfully enter archdiocesan orchestra and high school orchestras. Students from this program will also be eligible to complete in regional and state competitions. 
Both Beginner and Advanced Orchestra will participate in the Christmas and spring concerts.
This program offers a full rehearsal for each ensemble and a semi-private lesson weekly during the academic year.

Beginning Orchestra
Grades 1-3
Full rehearsal: Mondays 7:30 AM
Semi-private lessons: Mondays 8:30 AM-10:30 AM on rotation schedule.
Beginning Orchestra introduces the students to the wonders of the string family. Students learn proper position, bow hold and music notation. The foundation of playing in an ensemble is laid from the first rehearsal. Creativity with music theory and rhythm is fostered. Students learn musical compositions from a wide ranging literature to prepare them for the larger works of the great composers.

Advanced Orchestra
Grades 4-8
Full rehearsal: Fridays 7:30 AM
Semi-private lessons: Fridays 8:30-10:30 AM on rotation schedule
Advanced Orchestra prepares students for archdiocesan orchestra and high school orchestras. Students begin to explore the great masterpieces of classical music. Music theory is brought to a higher level in order to have students pass the American String Teachers Theory Exam. Students are given the opportunity to study solo concertos and perform in string quartets. This orchestra will include preparation for competitions and high school orchestra auditions.