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**Please see our 2020 Saint Andrew Action Plan for Opening during COVID for the
most recent information about transportation.



Pennsylvania public school district bus transportation is accessible to almost all Saint Andrew Catholic School students.

Almost all Saint Andrew Catholic School students who live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are entitled to bus transportation.  According to Pennsylvania state guidelines, school districts must provide bus service to a non-public school within 10 miles of any district boundary. Currently,  Saint Andrew Catholic school students use buses from the following school districts: Bensalem, Bristol, Centennial. Central Bucks, Council Rock, Neshaminy, New Hope/Solebury, and Pennsbury.

Saint Andrew Catholic School students living in New Jersey will need to facilitate transportation privately.

Parents should please call their school office, 215-968-2685, for information about your child's bus number, location of bus stop and times.

  • Bensalem              215-750-2800
  • Bristol                    267-599-2370
  • Centennial             215-441-6000
  • Central Bucks       267-893-4001
  • Council Rock        215-944-1010
  • Neshaminy           215-809-6260
  • NH/Solebury        215-862-5910
  • Pennsbury           215-428-4165

COUNCIL ROCK TRANSPORTATION NOTICE                                                                         

If you live in the Council Rock School District and would like bus transportation to school, you must submit four (4) proofs of residency directly to the Council Rock Transportation Department, before transportation services can be arranged.

Proofs must be submitted each time a family registers a NEW student.  If your family currently uses Council Rock bus services and you are registering a NEW student at Saint Andrew Catholic School, you need to submit your proofs of residency again.  If you change your address but are still in the Council Rock School District, you need to submit new proofs.  The Council Rock Proof of Residency Policy is explained below. Any questions, contact Council Rock at 215-944-1010.


You need to submit 4 proofs of residency in the district.
Please click on this link CRSD - Proof of Residency Check Off


Under the authority of Section 1301 & 1302 of the Pennsylvania School Code the parents or legal guardians of a student are required to provide proof that they are legal residents of the school district.

If a student is new to your school or changes their residency (even within the school district boundaries) they must provide 4 proofs of residency to the transportation office prior to being assigned or provided with bus transportation.

Examples of proofs are:

  • Internal Revenue Statement
  • Lease
  • Property Deed
  • Insurance Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Driver's license
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Utility Statement
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Billing Statement

Note: The ownership of property and the payment of property taxes within the Council Rock School District does not automatically fulfill the residency clause as stated in the Pennsylvania School Code.

If you are the guardian or foster parent of a student, you must also show proof of the guardianship or foster parenting arrangement

  • Inclement Weather -If CR is closed, no transportation will be provided. If CR has a two-hour delay, all bus stop times will be 2 hours after the scheduled time.
  • New Students or Change of Address- For any new students, or students that have changed addresses since last receiving transportation, we will need four (4) proofs of residency in order to provide transportation.

New Policy- Any bus stops not utilized for more than 2 weeks (no students using the stop) will be deemed inactive and the bus will not stop there regularly. If the student(s) wish to use the stop again, please call the First Student Newtown office at 267-757-0413, option 1.

If you have any questions, please call (215) 944-1010 or email transportation@crsd.org.


Please complete this form in its entirety and return it to Neshaminy Transportation Department, e-mail dispatcher@neshaminy.org with "Student Registration Info" in the subject line or via fax to: 215-809-6269.  Students must reside within the Neshaminy School District to qualify for transportation.  Click on this link Neshaminy Information Form


Neshaminy School District requires proof of residency to enroll a student. See below for our requirements. Also I have included a link to our website so you may look over all the procedures that we do.

Two (2) Proofs of Residency:

  1. Property deed, current real estate tax bill or current rental lease (lease must list all children living at residence and be signed by all parties)
  2. One current uninterrupted utility bill: (water, gas, electric, cable)



Parents may also elect to drive their children to and from school.

Arrival is 7:45 AM to 8:10 AM.  Students should be escorted by a parent or guardian through the parking lot to the crosswalk at the entrance of the school. Staff members will be there to greet the children.

Dismissal is 3:00 PM.