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Thank you for sending your child/children to our Catholic school. Religious education begins at home and is fostered daily at Saint Andrew Catholic School. Choosing a Catholic education for your child/children is only a part of your responsibility to your family and your church. Taking your children to Mass each Sunday shows them that you believe that the eucharistic celebration is the center of your faith and your family’s life. It is required that all families attend Sunday Mass weekly. This is a fulfillment of the third commandment from God. Please use your envelopes, even if empty, as an indicator of regular attendance.

*Saint Andrew Catholic Church subsidizes your child/children’s education. This amount is a large percent of our Sunday collections. Your weekly attendance and contributions are of the utmost importance. If your contributions are less than $15.00 per week ($780.00 per year) per family (note:not per child) on an annual basis (Jan.1- Dec. 31),  you will not qualify for the parishioner rates. The per pupil tuition rates apply to every family who does not actively participate in Saint Andrew Catholic Church on a spiritual level as well as through their time, talent and treasure. Families from other parishes are to speak to their pastor about the subsidy. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we are requesting that you put in your empty Sunday collection envelope or whatever amount you can afford to show your attendance at Mass. 

Included in tuition is a non-refundable $25 credit on each student’s Aramark cafeteria account (K-8), all technology fees, and specific stationery on each student’s desk on opening day. We do not charge a supply fee but do provide a supply list, and the families have the option to purchase supplies through a vendor that delivers the supplies to school for the families. They also may purchase supplies on their own outside of school.

Sending your children to Saint Andrew Catholic School is a commitment to your faith and their education.  The Saint Andrew Catholic Church community supports you in your decision and subsidizes your children’s education with a large percent of our Sunday collections. Participating families enjoy this subsidized tuition.