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Upper School

Saint Andrew Catholic School provides a quality education through a comprehensive and challenging curriculum that is aligned with Pennsylvania and Archdiocesan standards. Students are actively engaged in learning and continually challenged to apply higher order thinking skills as they compose, create, experiment, and discover.

All upper school grades are enriched with classes in Spanish, Music, Art, Computer, Library and Physical Education. Technology is integrated in many areas and students learn to use approved, grade-appropriate search engines for research and learning.

Grade Highlights

Sixth Grade

The transition to the upper school grades is seamless for our sixth grade, as they begin an important part of the leadership of Saint Andrew Catholic School.

At the beginning of sixth grade, students prepare to receive of the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall of seventh grade. Students research saints and create unique projects reflecting the life and work of each saint.

Academically, students begin to expand their concept of the world with in-depth learning of various cultures and ideas. Age-appropriate novels, short stories, mythology, poetry and non-fiction are introduced as core reading as well as many opportunities to develop and fine-tune writing skills.

Out sixth grade class participates in The Bucks County Science Research Competition each year with many students receiving high honors and awards.

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is an exciting year at Saint Andrew Catholic School, from STEM activities in science to middle earth in English language arts, students are exposed to a variety of experiences.

The seventh grade year incorporates service to the curriculum. Students make breakfast bags for Aid for Friends and blankets for St. Mary Medical Center.

Seventh grade is a time of growth and change, both spiritually and academically.

Eighth Grade

The eighth and final year at Saint Andrew Catholic School is filled with celebration of the past and preparation for the path that lies ahead. The academic curriculum is rigorous as teachers prepare their students to enroll in some of the best high schools in the area.

The annual egg drop brings science and technology together for a fun-filled day for the entire student body.  Eighth grade students design a "container" that will hold an egg, to be dropped from a third floor window as the entire student body watches in awe.  The idea is to develop packaging that will prevent the egg from cracking... and making a huge mess!

Eighth graders are the stars of the show throughout the year. During the Christmas season, students present the Living Nativity for the entire student body. As the year begins to come to a close, our eighth grade class presents a spring production of one of the classics in modern theater. All students play a vital role, working to create the set, dress the actors, sound, lighting, stage crew and of course the actors.

One of the highlights for eighth grade is the class trip to New York City. The students and their chaperones have the day to tour Midtown Manhattan, have dinner and attend a Broadway show. And that is not all. The eighth grade graduation dance and the eighth grade picnic round out the year, and the elementary school years at Saint Andrew Catholic School.