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Virtual School Tour


Welcome to Saint Andrew Catholic School virtual tour. We will take you on a tour of our classrooms and visit with different teachers and students.


Watch our tour here:

(Coming Soon)


Our school offers enrollment for Preschool through eight grade students. Please visit these links for the different programs we offer.

Preschool https://www.standrewcec.com/saint-andrew-preschool/

Kindergarten https://www.standrewcec.com/kindergarten/

Grades 1-5 https://www.standrewcec.com/lower-school/ 

Grades 6-8 https://www.standrewcec.com/upper-school/

Visit our admissions page for the admissions packet and the requirements for admission.

Click here for Preschool Admission https://www.standrewcec.com/application-for-preschool/

Click here for Elementary Admission https://www.standrewcec.com/application-for-admission/


For more information contact Deb Rachuba from our Admissions office at drachuba@standrewcec.com or 215-968-2685 ext 203